Ajman museum, a great old history that still exists until now

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Ajman Museum is a famous landmark that enumerates the history of the Emirate of Ajman. This emirate has an amazing mix between the inherited history and culture of Emirates’ country, in addition to the development of the industry. With a small embodied vision of the whole history of Emirates besides its present, you can notice the inherited landmarks of the Emirate which still exists and has a great effect on Emirates tourism.

One of these landmarks is called the Ajman museum, actually the most famous one and most attractive for all its parts and sections so this article will grant us the chance to know more about the Ajman museum and its story and its amazing sections.

Ajman museum

Glimpse about the history of building Ajman museum

Although the Ajman museum is so known, still the most can’t be able to decide exactly the date of establishing it, but the more say that it is built in the last years of 18 century to be a palace for the Royal family or the presidency, it was also the first defensive line for Ajman Emirate because of its including of discovery towers and hardness of architectures.

Ajman museum has witnessed several historical events that had a bad effect on the architectures of it, then thanks to sheikh Hamid Bn Rashed who gave the order of rebuilding the Ajman museum then came the opening of it. For years, the Ajman museum was a royal house than a fortress, and finally, a museum which we are now speaking about. We consider visiting this place now is one of the most important tourist activities in Ajman.

Ajman museum designs

There is no doubt that all the historical places are so amazing and each of them is distinctive from the others. In Ajman city, you can feel the history around you everywhere because of its containing more than one heritage site. One of them is our topic ”Ajman museum” inside and outside this museum you can notice the origin Arab architecture art which is very wealthy by its Arab history.

The visitors prefer the Ajman museum because it is full of social, cultural, and economic proofs that are inspired by the past. Actually, there are several factors that affect the structure of the Ajman museum but still, the great efforts done by Ajman Emirate helps in keeping this great edifice with all the historical inscriptions and marks on it.

Museum sections and contents

If you take the step to visit the Ajman museum you should save the physical power that enables you to visit every section of the museum and even every corner. Because of the real heritage of the Ajman museum, it includes several rooms and parts and each of them has its devoted importance.

For example, there is a room whose work is devoted to the practice of medicine by a local method. You can watch inside these rooms the old methods which were used by our granddads in addition to a special section that treats with the Holy Quran and this common method was also used through that period.

Ajman museum has also a section that illustrates information related to architecture and farming, as inside this section there are old materials that were used for farming, in addition to the devoted section for ship parts and marine fishing instruments.

Further, there is a popular market at the Ajman museum which more people don’t know about it. through this market, you can know the more about the natural daily life which our granddads were living and all the deals which were done through that period containing the selling and buying affairs. In addition to the antiques that embodied the beauty of the old fact with revealing a reflection on the social and cultural development which the Emirates has obtained.

The section of sheikh Rashed bn Hamid, the upper floor of the Ajman museum includes a special room in which sheikh Rashed was living. There are also all his personal contents such as clothes, weapons, notes, and the souvenirs which he got through the period of his power. You can enjoy seeing these unique pieces in addition to seeing historical pictures, traditional clothes, and the living room.

So inside the Ajman museum, you can enjoy seeing different pieces and sections that are rarely found in more places. Enjoy seeing old weapons, ships, old stores, popular rooms, pictures for all the governors of Ajman Emirate, and all that were found in that period.

Location, times of visiting, and tickets prices to enter museum

The location is selected to be in one of the most attractive cities in the Emirates which is Ajman. This Emirate is located on the Arab coast that enjoys great weather over the year. To specify the location of the Ajman museum, it is on the East direction of the central square, Al Bustan area.

Ajman museum timings

Ajman museum timing:

  • -From Saturday to Thursday, opens its gates from 8 Am to 8 Pm.
  • -Friday, from 2.30 Pm to 8 Pm.
  • Tickets:
  • -The adults, 5 Drhams
  • -Families, 15 Drhams
  • -Students, 1 Drham

The guide inside museum

Great efforts are done to make this place appropriate to the great culture and history of Emirates and especially Ajman Emirate. so the tourism sector has made a nice idea to help all visitors know about what they are seeing. This idea is making an information guide contains all sections of the Ajman museum and all history of the Emirates as all. So visiting such a place like the Ajman museum is useful and enjoyable.


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