What Is The Names Of Companies In Dubai Internet City?

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Dubai internet city, its story, and importance

In 1999, sheikh Muhammed bn Rashed held a conference in which announced through it the establishing of companies in Dubai internet city with the assurance of making all required efforts that should enable the new economic projects to be run from Dubai. and actually, a year later, Dubai internet city becomes on the land of Dubai and has obtained about 100 companies whose work is related to information technology. Therefore Dubai internet city becomes a vital part of the free Dubai area for technology, electronic trade, and the guided media that makes Dubai be an internationally competitive center which depends mainly on knowledge. Besides all of that, we can notice the importance of this place through the thousands of workers inside all companies of Dubai internet city which helps them benefit from good salaries.

companies in Dubai internet city

The importance of companies in Dubai media city

Once Dubai media city has been established, it becomes having a great effect on Dubai city as all. as it helps Dubai to be an effective center for media in the Middle East. And these factors are due to the existence of huge Arab media companies as well as international ones. Therefore these media companies have formed a united group that communicates with each other to introduce the best services. And the reason for making these companies being attracted to Dubai media city is it’s considering a free area which doesn’t depend on taxes, in addition to the flexibility of measures and the existence of appropriate services introduced by Dubai media city companies.

companies in dubai media city

Activities introduced by companies in Dubai media city

Several companies whose work is related to the media filed has selected Dubai media city to practice its activities through different sectors of the media filed and some of these activities and sectors are:

  • -media and marketing services
  • -Printing and publishing services
  • -Production and cinema
  • -Media broadcasting
  • -Designing and administrative of electronic sites
  • -Information and newswire

Dubai media city is established in the United Emirate. it belongs to the United Dubai company and its structures are established to have all kinds and shapes of the media work. With a future vision that can make Dubai enjoys being an international center for pioneering all kinds of media in the region. So the government of Dubai takes the step of building this huge city in the year 2000 and grants it a distinctive unique site where the investors from South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa can come and establish projects inside such a place that includes a variety of companies and media organizations. And for further information about this amazing city, reading this article will illustrate all details.

List of the companies in Dubai internet city

Companies related to social media and marketing:

Due to the massive use of the internet by numbers of people, these kinds of companies have become effective and include a variety of apps and most important of these ones are:

-Google Dubai Company


-Linked in

-Sony Company in Dubai


Telecommunication companies in Dubai internet city

This kind of companies in Dubai internet city makes usual developments and modifications to the administrative work of nets. As this company works on turning on all apps found on the nets and here are the names of some companies that works in this filed:

  • -Amazon data
  • -HTC ”the Middle East”
  • -Huawei
  • -Samsung

Information technology companies in Dubai internet city

Companies in Dubai internet city includes a number of famous information technology and it is notable that this company introduces its services to other companies as information technology is so important for all fields. The most important of these ones are Hp, Dell, and Lenovo.

Electronic trade companies

Through the last years and until now the coming of electronic trade becomes highly spread and expanded all over the world so inside companies in Dubai internet city there are numbers of corporate that introduce this work. Now people are doing most of their deals through the internet so these companies work on collecting all the data of customers who want to sell products or even buy therefore do communications between every customer and the other.

Here are some of these companies inside Dubai internet city:

  • -Delivery hero
  • -Friendly market
  • -Secure com
  • -Evolve media

Software companies in Dubai internet city

Software companies help in developing and downloading the software products that are belonged to themselves and their customers. So if you are in a need to renew the software , you can do it inside companies in Dubai internet city.

Dubai internet city

Legal consultations companies

There is no doubt that Dubai internet city is so huge and includes great numbers of companies and it is notable that all these companies have legal consultations that are essential to be solved. So a company for these consultations is a must in order to help the other companies accomplish its deals. The most important ones are the following:

-Al Tamimi office for attorney

-Al Wasl international group for an attorney and legal consultations

-Al Emirates company for an attorney and legal consultations

Advantages of companies in Dubai internet city

As we mentioned above that Dubai internet city is a free area so this helps it to benefit from several advantages such as:

  • -Tax exemption for 50 years
  • -Foreign people can obtain a complete ownership
  • -All profits can be sent outside the Emirate country
  • -Developed infrastructure on an international basis

Finally, Both Dubai media city and Dubai internet city are serving the whole community not only in Dubai but also abroad because of the massive companies included inside the place. It is really the step towards enhancing the Emirate economy and creating an environment that is full of modernity, technology, and a world of creativity everywhere.

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