Dubai investment park, the future of business among the world market

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As it is known for all people, Dubai is the homeland of future and creative projects. For more illustrating this article will discuss one of the greatest projects in Dubai. Dubai investment park which was established in 1997 to be an integrated project that contains variety and several services of all fields of industry, commerce, and residency. So Dubai investment park is the best place for both living and working, it is designed to be a unique model at the heart of Dubai city. speaking about this project actually needs more words and details to express the international infrastructure that this project contains. Again this essay will illustrate most of the companies in Dubai investment park and its works and most of the details devoted to this place.

General glimpse about Dubai investment park as all

According to a real source, Dubai investment enjoys a high level of flourishing and progressing. It is established on about a 17million km space, so it contains huge numbers of investments around the year. actually, the place is divided into two parks, one for industrial investment and one for commercial investment. Each of these sections includes a wide range of projects that make the investment in Dubai grows constantly and achieves international results among the world market. according to Dubai investment park, the industrial, commercial and residential, which is belonged to ”Dubai investment company”, the whole park has managed to attract numbers of investments whose cost has reached about 42 billion Drhams around the last two decades, that is why Dubai investment park is highly known by its success.

Dubai investment park

Glimpse about kinds of companies in Dubai investment park

Through the last periods, Dubai investment park has witnessed an increase in the number of investors who have demanded to establish companies for them, the greatest commercial and industrial park in the Middle East. Since this increase, the number of companies becomes 4600 companies. These companies cover all kinds of industrial affairs such as aluminum companies, minerals, chemical products, plastic products, oil ones, and gas, in addition to all materials used in building and architectures. this illustrates the working of companies in addition to the commercial field that contains food and drinks, pharmacy products, clothes, and other products that are needed by people. Still, most space of these companies is devoted to the companies whose work consists of the building field and all its affairs. Further, both Emirate and Indian nationalities are the ones who have the most companies in the Dubai investment park.

Dubai Investment Park companies

Areas of Dubai investment park, the commercial, industrial and residential

Companies in Dubai investment park are working in all fields and introduce all the business affairs on one land which is Dubai park.

-the industrial and residential park

A huge number of architectures are found in a variety of shapes, sizes, and prices. So the residential park includes several sections that offer different apartments and villas with professional designs that are adapted to all people’s dreams. there are names of famous companies in this field, such as Dubai lagoon, green community, and Retaj.

-In addition to the residential section, the industrial companies have cared about establishing universities and schools to serve the people who live in Dubai investment parks, and at the same time, it is a good step to invest their money in such projects. There are collections of professional ways of teaching through these numbers of universities and schools.

-several hospitals and clinics are also added by the industrial companies in Dubai investment park so that people can find their treatment. There is a best-known clinic inside the green community, called GMC.

The commercial section

Companies whose work is related to commercial affairs help in providing more projects that increase their investment and introduce more services for people, for example, there is’ Z Market’ mall inside Dubai investment park, it contains about 110 trade shops in addition to restaurants, supermarkets, banks, pharmacies and beauty centers for both men and women.

Advantages of establishing a company for investing in Dubai investment park

It is notable that Emirates country has gained the top among the Arab world in practicing business easily, in addition to its being the cultural and commercial model. So this information is somehow enough to attract you to invest. Here is a list of other important benefits :

-world-class structure

-the chance of telling your success story at Twofour, as two-four is the homeland of creation for more than 440 companies and about 400 workers.

-no taxes are obliged

-there is a chance to choose the field you want to invest in with an assurance that any of the fields can be successful and brings you the more of money in addition to obtaining a high position in the world of the future.

Location of Dubai investment park

As we mentioned above, Dubai investment park is established in the heart of Dubai city. it is located next to a mountain nearing the industrial area, Dubai city for production and motor city. and reaching Dubai investment park is easy because it is 20 to 25 minutes away from Al Maktoum international airport.

Dubai Investment Park location

To conclude, all the statistics can show the success of projects and companies. It is considered to be one of the most premier business parks for various companies in the region. So once you make the decision of investing in such a park, you will gain a frequent business that will never lose.


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