Emirates city Ajman, Recognizing most details related to the city

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Emirates city Ajman

The United Arab Emirates is a huge country which contains about seven Emirates. each of these seven ones has its importance, its space, its population and its way of making the country of Emirates be flourished. Since years, it was said that there is a reason for calling Ajman Emirate city by this name, according to the United Arab Emirates book,  in the last decades there was a tribe in the country called Ajman, therefore the city name was inspired by the tribe name. other stories said that the reason for this name is due to the massive existence of Al Ajam  in the country of Emirates. through this article we will know about the history of Emirates city Ajman, its areas, its tourism and investments besides the used currency of this city.

History of Emirates city Ajman

According to information published by the  studies and documents center at the book of United Arab Emirates country ” the Emirates city Ajman was appeared in 1820,  when Sheikh Rashed has took its power”. Most of the residents work at the fishing field, every year about 2 boats are built and the used boats were made in Dubai. the space of Ajman city is about 260km while the whole space including the regional water areas is about 600 km and the offshore of Ajman Emirate is located on Arab Gulf coast with 26 km length.

history emirates city ajman

About the area of Emirates Ajman city

Emirate Ajman consists of three separate and different areas and here are the names of these areas and their sites:

-Ajman city

Ajman city is the capital of the Emirate,  it includes the governor seat, the government parts, companies, factories in addition to the seaports which its views are on the Arab Gulf coast. Thanks to the best location where Ajman is located, the city has supported the whole country with high range of achievements, development of infrastructure, and the economic field so Ajman city becomes the center of attracting investors and capitalism. All these factors have helped the city to establish fields of architecture and civilized renaissance where the modern buildings that gather between modernism and heritage.

-Masfout area, Emirates Ajman city

This area is about 110 km away from Ajman city, it includes Mazerr area and the whole area is distinctive by being famous for the fertile soil, good weather and the huge valleys. So the area becomes an attractive place for enjoying the wonderful nature where the great mountains, such as the white mountain. The area is also famous for the wide valleys such as Massfut valley.

-Al Manama area

It is about 60 km away from Ajman city, the area is distinguished by its including of sands and pebbles so the area has a variety of all natural shapes, besides it contains great mountains with stones used in building. Further, the valleys of this area are distinctive by high range of fertility and agriculture crops production.

The best residential areas in Emirates city Ajman

Ajman city has a great mix between past and present, where the more historical and civilized landmarks. Therefore, the city has keened on enhancing its touristic position in addition to the constant economic growth and infrastructure development. That’s why Ajman city become the place where you can find good architecture to live in with buildings that are mixed of with modernism and history.

Besides, the good prices of renting or purchasing residential units have played a vital role in showing t he  places of Ajman and here are the best areas:

-Ajman cornice

Ajman cornice of Emirates city Ajman has occupied the first position of the best residential places in Ajman. The cornice has an amazing view in front of the Arab Gulf, besides it includes several touristic facilities, modern architectures hotels, various restaurants, cafes in addition to new residential towers which have formed an architectural matrix along the cornice.

-Al Nauimia area in Emirates city Ajman

This area occupies most population of Ajman Emirate, it includes variety of architectures for rent so the name of Al Nauimia becomes on the top of research list for renting apartments and villas. It is about 45 minutes away from Dubai. the area is surrounded also by several commercial facilities, such as Al Safeer mall and other trade shops.

-The centeral area of Emirates city Ajman

This area is in the center of the town so it is the best place for living in Emirates city Ajman. Gathering between the variation of residential facilities and entertainment ones as well has supported the city to be a vital one in addition to being the most important shopping center of the Emirate. all architectures prices of this area are less than any other areas of the Emirate. for example, we can find all shapes and sizes of apartments inside Al Rashedia towers and Saqr towers as well.

Glimpse about investment in Emirates city Ajman

The huge growth of the different investments represents one of the most substantial manifestations in Ajman and a vital evidence for ensuring that the government of Ajman supports investment and creating new work opportunities for increasing the economic growth of the whole Emirate. the Ajman Emirate includes about 550 industrial institutions with about 1497 million Dirhams of investments and more than 30,000 workers. Besides, there are about 131 chemical institutions and about 102 institutions for textile and clothes.

Tourism in Emirates city Ajman

As we mentioned above, there are several factors that help in gaining the Emirate a high position of being a place that attract tourism to its land. There are Ajman museum that attract the more to visit the city in addition to some activities such as:

-Ajman festival for firecrackers

-Ajman festival for food

-Moasaic market festival

The currency of Emirates Ajman city

The used currency in Ajman is the currency of the United Arab Emirates ”Dirhams” and every one Dirham is divided into 100 fils. The Dirham is related to the Dollar as the one Dollar is equal to 3,67 Dirhams.

The currency of Emirates Ajman city


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