Top Rated Restaurants In Dubai Airport

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First of all, we should give a general glimpse of Dubai international airport. This airport is considered a professional airport that can obtain the coming of millions of persons around the year. Actually, Dubai airport was established in 1960 to become a landmark that has a variety of good services introduced to all travelers. it has a collection of high-quality restaurants, cafes, relaxation rooms in addition to a list of hotels that are near Dubai airport. This article will discuss one of these services, the restaurants in Dubai airport, and how every traveler can enjoy having a meal at such restaurants.

Glimpse about traveling as all and relaxation at restaurants in Dubai airport

There is no doubt that traveling by plane is somehow exhausted and it is notable that each traveler would prefer to take a rest and eat during waiting for the time of his plane. So it is available to find a variety of international kitchens inside Dubai airport.

Restaurants at terminal 1 at Dubai airport

Several restaurants are found at terminal 1, so you can enjoy having good taste and relaxed time.

Here are some of the best restaurants in Dubai airport at this terminal, Dubai airport:

-Briosh Dorei restaurant

One of the most famous restaurants in Dubai airport airport, it introduces a wide and varied collection of French food with an amazing seating area. There is also a room for children besides introducing delicious kinds of bake.

Briosh Dorei restaurant in dubai airport

-Taqado Mexican kitchen

This restaurant is distinctive by offering delicious Mexican food, in addition to hot drinks and Mexican soda. There is an insider area for seating and outsider one with the availability of the internet for entertainment.

-The kitchen Bay

It is one of the most prominent restaurants in Dubai airport, terminal 1. The traveler can enjoy having a meal in kindly areas.

-Taste of India restaurant

This restaurant is distinctive by offering different and delicious Indian food which more people in Dubai prefer eating.

Taste of India restaurant


Restaurants in Dubai airport terminal 2

Several restaurants in Dubai airport are also available at terminal 2 that introduce different kinds of food that adapt to all persons.

-Bombay restaurant

Again introducing Indian food is available for those who prefer eating it. this restaurant offers Indian dishes in addition to free internet services and well seats that make the customer be relaxed.

-Bul bakery and restaurant

Bul bakery is a French one and it was established in 1889 by a French family. Since that time, this restaurant becomes very famous, and more customers prefer having their meal at it inside Dubai airport.

-Caviar house for seafood

During your waiting for the plane time at Dubai airport, you can enjoy eating at this restaurants in Dubai airport that is distinctive by the unique designs that make you feel relaxed in addition to the chance of seeing the cookers while preparing the meals. So enjoy excellent service with no much cost.

 restaurants in dubai airport


-Yasushi restaurant

This one is distinctive by its special traditions as the customer can have a seat and select one dish of seven ones and all these dishes have different colors so food comes to you according to the color of the dish you have chosen. So this way of introducing food is exciting and motivating for all travelers to take the step of eating at such a restaurants in Dubai airport.

-Mashawi Lebanese Grill restaurant

The home of original Lebanese cuisine at Dubai airport, a tasty meal, and excellent service are available for you to benefit from both eating and entertaining.

-Good to go ”healthy take away” restaurant

At Dubai airport, this restaurant provides a range of well meals that are made of so healthy products. And actually, the place provides high-quality service of dealing with customers.


It is the main restaurants in Dubai airport because it is divided into three areas; ‘pint 19’ the bar, the buffet section, and a restaurant with an open kitchen that grants travelers the chance to see the cooking of food in front of them.

Some cafes and small restaurants at Dubai airport

-Costa café

If you prefer exploiting your time in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, you can find this kind of comfort at Costa café at Dubai airport.

-Coffee Bean

This café is famous for offering all kinds of coffees and teas that are found all over the world. So if you are interested in drinking new kinds of coffee, you should visit the coffee bean café at Dubai airport.

-Butler’s chocolate café

The good place for everyone adores eating deserts and all kinds of chocolate. Once you visit this café at Dubai airport, you will feel relaxed by seeing the shape of chocolates everywhere inside the café, even the seat designs are inspired by chocolate shapes and colors. Besides, there are tasty collections of delicious deserts and with no much cost to be appropriate to all customers.

-Pulp juice Bar 

At Dubai airport, you can also enjoy having very delicious drinks especially at the juice Bar which offers you three categories of beverages made of more than 15 kinds of fruits and the healthy thing is that all these kinds of drinks have less than 2% fat. And there are no artificial flavors or colors added to any of the drinks.

Finally, dealing with all affairs of traveling is somehow difficult and some people suffer from the feel of boring from the measures that must be done at the airport. But still, there are good services, such as restaurants in Dubai airport that become now available at most airports, you can easily find a variety of restaurants with professional quality at Dubai airport. So don’t miss the chance to have a meal of any of these international cuisines at Dubai airport.


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